Team Leaders

Cyrus Dioun
Cyrus Dioun is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley Department of Sociology. Cyrus founded Oski Lab to develop interdisciplinary research partnerships that connect big data with big theory. Cyrus' research uses computational methods for data collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization in order to examine a variety of economic and social phenomena, including the emergence and legitimation of state-legal marijuana markets, the trading behavior of forex and commodities traders, the determinants of successful crowdfunding projects, and the socialization of pick-up artists. Prior to starting his PhD, Cyrus worked in business and completed an MA in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences at Columbia University.

Heather Haveman
Faculty Sponsor
Heather Haveman is the Professor of Sociology and Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Haveman studies how organizations, the fields in which they are embedded, and the careers of their members and employees evolve. She investigates questions that relate to organizational stability and change: How do new kinds of organizations emerge and how do new industries develop? How strong are the forces that impel or inhibit change in existing organizations' structures, strategies, and actions? How does industry evolution affect social structures? Her current work involves American magazines, U.S.wineries, Chinese listed firms, and the emerging marijuana market in several U.S. states.


Jaren Haber
Graduate Affiliate
Jaren has a background in engineering, cultural anthropology, and mental health, and as a result he enjoys taking things apart as well as putting them back together. In addition to being an award-winning educator, as a sociologist he is methodologically facile with broad interests in education, organizations, and social psychology. Jaren is now working on his dissertation research: a text-analytic and statistical exploration of the performance effects and political contingencies of ideological differentiation in the charter school sector.

Technical Advisor

Stéfan Van Der Walt
Computer Vision
Stéfan van der Walt is an assistant researcher at BIDS and a senior lecturer in applied mathematics at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He has been involved in the development of scientific open source software for more than a decade and enjoys teaching Python at workshops and conferences. Stéfan is the founder of scikit-image and a contributor to numpy, scipy, and dipy. Outside work, he enjoys traveling, running, and photographing the great outdoors.

Undergraduate Apprentices

Undergraduate Alumni